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Honor your loved ones by placing a beautiful, high quality monument at their burial site. Loos Family Monuments can create a headstone that you will be proud of and pays tribute to their memory. Loos monuments are extremely high quality, made from beautiful granite or bronze and carved with the utmost care and craftsmanship.

We offer upright and slant grave monuments, and flush markers in single and companion configurations. You can choose from a variety of typefaces and graphic elements for the corners and the center; or you can create your own. Preserve their memory with a special verse or epitaph. And if desired, we can mount a photo, or engrave an image.
In addition, Loos Family Monuments offers beautiful estate monuments. The grandness of these monuments provides lasting memories for the entire family.

Perhaps you have a special shape or design in mind for your loved one. Browse our Specialty Designs section and find the look you want.​ 

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