The timeless beauty of bronze makes it a favorite choice of material for grave markers, signs and plaques. Bronze offers a freedom of design that you will not find in other materials.  Any design, logo, border or background can be expressed in bronze using our state of the art computer aided design technology.  The options are virtually endless. 

  • Cast Bronze - This technique is the most common and is used in many applications, monuments, memorials, and corporate signage.
  • Engraved Bronze - This process adds a 3-dimensional effect to the sign and graphics are reproduced in great detail.
  • Etched Bronze - The etching process is known for its ability to incorporate legible text in small area.


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Civic Memorials

Granite Colors

More Civic Memorials

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Your group can trust Loos to create an impressive civic memorial made of premium-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Take a look at the memorials we have created at Loos Family Monuments. We are truly honored to have worked with these groups to develop a beautiful, custom, long lasting memory.